About Katt Phatt

About Katt Phatt
Katlego Phatlane graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication from The Vega School of Brand Communications and is currently wielding his craft at Joe Public as an Art Director & Digital Artist.
He specializes in typography, hand lettering, digital art, retouching, 3D, and illustration. 
Katt's ability to create vibrant, intricate and hyper-realistic visuals have seen him represent South Africa at the Art Directors Club in New York as one of the brightest talents in Johannesburg and he’s featured across many online platforms like HowDesign, ADC Global, Little Black Book Online, Betype, From Up North, Abduzeedo, 10and5 and many more (see “supporting publications” section).
In 2016, at the young age of 25, his high standard of work was recognised when the Loeries made him one of the youngest judges to ever judge the prestigious event, winning himself a few craft awards along the way. Katt has since been awarded the coveted Black Pixel for Best Digital Youngster by the IAB Bookmarks 2017. An Award defined by the IAB as “A person under 28 who has made a significant contribution to digital through their work".

Katt has always wanted to affect change with his work. Whether that means wowing a client or creating work that makes people curious, he loves to engage the mind with the visual. For Katt, the end goal transcends the brief, the client deliverable and the approval of the mass public. Rather, it’s about provoking thought within the communications industry of today and getting it to rethink what’s possible when it comes to digital and design. He’s showing SA that digital is the new breeding ground for the output of quality visuals– no camera, crew, set, models, casting, producers or makeup required.
The road ahead of Katt is far longer than the road behind him. As his ambitions grow, so do his strengths and it’s not speculation that his approach to the digital visual may soon become the benchmark in the industry. 
Key Achievements
1. One of the youngest ever Loeries Judges (Loeries 2016 Communication Design Panel).
2. Bookmarks 2017 Best Digital Youngster
3. Most Appreciated Behance Portfolio of all time in Johannesburg (Currently #1).
4. Featured on Behance’s Digital Art Served, Graphic Design, Illustration, Student Show and Wacom Gallery.
5. Focus of case studies by Abduzeedo, How Magazine, Spooner Graphics, Between10and5, ADC Typography Month spotlight, Betype, From Up North, TimesLive and Design Inspiration.
6. 25 Loeries nominations and 6 awards.
7. 15 Pendoring nominations and 6 awards.
8. 366 Award for outstanding creative contribution - Creative Chair
9. MarkLives Ad of the Week.
10. ADC Portfolio Night AllStar – Johannesburg.
11. 8th Ranked Illustrator in South Africa – Loeries rankings 2015.
12. Playing Arts Special edition winner. (537 Artists from 67 countries participated in the design contest, showing their vision of a custom playing card in their distinct style and technique.)
ADC Portfolio Night All-Stars: Six Stories
Notable Clients

Adobe Studio
UBS AG Global
JTI: Camel
SAB: Castle Lite, Castle Lite Lime, Castle Lager, Brutal Fruit & Redds
SAB Miller Africa: Castle Lite, Redd's Africa, Core Cider
Edcon: CNA, Edgars Active, Boardmans, Jabari, International Brands | River Island

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