Chicken Licken South Africa
Inner Peace Country Campaign 2018
With the core theme of the 'Rock My Soul 3 Straight' product of Chicken Licken being Inner Peace, we decided to subvert the idea of inner peace for a change. With previous campaigns focusing on a journey toward inner peace. So in creative, we posed  two question; Where could one never have inner peace? And what would it look like if that place in fact did have inner peace?

The answer? A small town in the wild wild west, an oasis of inner peace, where you would expect tension but something in the town is different. The audience experiences a place that has many parallel themes to South African popular culture, with one major difference. This town has inner peace thanks to the Chicken Licken.

And so a bootless bandit arrives in a small town of Harmony, we see distinctly South African quirks layout. These are juxtaposed with tension within a Spaghetti Western, and peaceful conclusions to various scenario.

We welcome and invite the audience to explore Inner Peace Country alongside our loveable yet grimacing bandit, Durango.

Five spots were released "Peace by Peace", 
causing much excitement and expectation as each spot was released. 
No explanation was given for the bootless bandit, making Chicken Licken audiences laugh at the scenarios but incredibly excited to find out who and why this mysterious man is roaming this strange town.
Poster in IsiXhosa,
"Welcome to the home of 'Rock My Soul'.
Welcome to Inner Peace Country."​​​​​​​
The audience had an opportunity to visit small town Harmony's Chicken Licken Saloon and experience the soul of Inner Peace Country.
Behind the scenes character portraits from Inner Peace Country hero film.
Photography by Ben Kaufman,


Joe Public United for Chicken Licken
Client: Chantal Sombonos van Tonder
Senior art director: Katlego Baaitse 
Senior copywriter: Sarah Forbes
Creative director: Claudi Potter
Group chief creative officer: Pepe Marais
Chief creative officer: Xolisa Dyeshan
Group account director: Amber Mackeurtan
Agency producer: Diane Cole

Digital agency: Joe Public Connect
Digital designer: Michael Cavalho
Digital designer: Katlego Phatlane
Digital creative director: Daryn Drake
Illustration: Jay Gordon

Director: Peter Pohorsky
Cinematographer: Eugenio Galli
Film production: Plank Film Productions x Pigalle 
Producer: Ben Kaufman, Seamus Bax
Set art director: Kezia Eales
Sound production: Produce Sound — Louis Enslin
Post production: Deliverance Post Production
Editor: Gordon Midgley
Post facility: Bladeworks Post Production
Colourist: Pudding — Craig Simonetta

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