Brief & Solution
For this project we were briefed to rebrand the choice condom brand. Choice Condoms are our countries free condom brand, it is very essential that every South African realises that condoms may save their lives and that they are the best way to have fun safely.
The first issue that I came across during research was that choice has a very bad reputation amongst sexually active South Africans. It has been bad mouthed and this resulted into its tarnished name. Now most South Africans have believed the hype and have already got their bad connotations surrounding the brand even though they have not tried it themselves.
Having given us the chance to change the name, this was the first thing I aimed to do. From Choice Condoms to Kasi Kulture, which translated means Township Culture. This name does not mean the condom brand is now only for township dwelling citizens but this became my focused target group. Changing the name was not enough. I had to reassure quality. I did this by adding something that was lacking from the choice brand; an exciting brand image. The condom is made to attract the youth into using condoms, what better way to do this than creating a lifestyle brand which has a free condom line.
This had two advantages, not only did it totally change the public’s viewpoint about the brand but also stood for more than just sex. The lifestyle brand embraces youth and township culture, making one proud to be of kasi heritage. Branding the kasi with its own lingo seemed appropriate. This became the focus of the lifestyle brand. Apparel would be launched with everyday Kasi colloquial language being branded on the clothing items. This not only gives the culture something strong to stand for but also makes the youth proud to be kasi.
The brand now has in my opinion a stronger visual appeal and still keeps to the simple two or three tone colour scheme(Black, white + tertiary colour), a more pleasant name and a great initiative too. The rebrand took into account the demand for more flavours when coming to condoms. "Choice is boring" was the message that most teenagers had; changing this would swing a large amount of non-believers to the brand. The large array of flavours, the popping design, the apparel, Kasi Kulture is now the condom South Africa Needs to ensure a healthier nation.
New Logo
Renamed Kasi Kulture - translated meaning = Township Culture
Turning Choice condoms from a condom brand to Kasi Kulture - a lifestyle
Easy access wrapper - tear the thumb for quick disposal
The condom packet
Different flavours
The box, that holds 16 packs of condoms
The dispenser, moulded in the shape of the Kasi Kulture thumb.
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