As with all my projects, everything starts with little sketches in my pad. At this point it's just ideation and I mostly sketch out what I'm thinking as simply and quickly as possible.
I really like this part of the process because the whole project relies on this sketch; like the placement of the biggest elements & overall layout of the project. Although I try to sketch out what I'm thinking, sometimes these ideas don't make it to the final work.
I've started recording some process videos while I work. This is so it can be easier to create video tutorials later. But here is making the Heineken Star's neon tubes.
While building the scene, I love to do some test resnders, this gets me really excited abut the project, and also serves as a great guide. I can see where i can add details, which areas are looking good and vise versa.
I love creating gear combinations, building detail bit by bit. Getting lost in the project is a great place to be. I love white renders too, these are great to test lighting and also how the shadows are working. Look at how the stars' neon tubes are visible behind the glass star shape.
Once I have the final build I start with final lighing & prepare different renders. I always have a general sceheme in mind, but I try to play around as much as possible. Sometimes my final results are a great surprise & I prefer the experiments to the planned execution, which was the case with this project.
Some renders
Final render
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