Lore series

Lion's Lament:

Forward: In the mystical world of Lore, where ancient tales come to life, a saga of revenge and redemption begins. The first instalment, "Lore - Lion's Lament," unveils a haunting journey filled with dark magic, treacherous betrayals, and the indomitable spirit of a fallen hero seeking vengeance.
The cover of "Lore - Lion's Lament" captures the essence of the story's themes. A regal lion with a flowing mane dominates the foreground, representing the fallen Lion King, Azarok, as a symbol of power and majesty. His fierce eyes hold a mix of determination and sorrow, foreshadowing the tumultuous journey ahead.

Floral decorations adorned with pink-hued blossoms frame the scene, evoking a sense of elegance, while also alluding to the haunting and Gothic elements woven throughout the narrative. These flowers, however beautiful, remind readers that even the most delicate petals conceal thorns that may pierce the unwary.

The overall color scheme exudes a sense of foreboding, with shades of gray and pinks dominating the palette, and hints of gold in the lion's eyes, signifying the regal nature of the animal. The subtle touch of moonlight accentuates the supernatural ambiance, leaving readers eager to explore the dark corners of "Lore - Lion's Lament."
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